Tithing ~ The New Controversial Rave in Nigeria

Will God really curse those who don’t tithe? Well… The answer is YES! The bible totally says he would (Mal 3:9). I’m no judge & no preacher?  Just a “subjective” Christian girl.
A group of Nigerians are stirring up a controversial debate on tithing. They claim the money gotten from tithes & offerings are “misused” by pastors. Are they correct? Should we judge?
Personally, I tithe. I started religiously tithing in 2013 at a Redeem Christian Church of God in Aberdeen. In this particular parish this debate would most likely never arise because we were “super transparent”. I mean… At the end of each year the pastor publicly gave a detailed account of every penny the church received.
I will never criticise any pastor or any church at all, but I’ll recommend that our Nigerian churches adopt the following practices:
1. Give financial account of all funds received
2. A substantial portion of God’s money (tithes & offerings) should be used to show love to God’s people via community development projects, such as: free school building projects, food, water, health care etc.

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